Nov 1, 2012

Post-Polio Syndrome and Polio Affected Association - Spain.

Post-Polio Syndrome and Polio Affected Association - Spain, was born in February 2000, the specific needs of the collective (medical treatment, employment, removal of architectural barriers, technical aids, etc.) and to know for Internet, that the symptoms that suffer have name and surnames: POST-POLIO SYNDROME. Many of the members of the Association, they work in the diffusion and compilation of information of POST-POLIO SYNDROME, since November 1998.

The activities of the Association special mention:
Incite the interest of health authorities, the scientific and medical community to be conducting investigations into the causes of post-polio syndrome and the best treatment possible.

Also it demands that them affected of POLIO AND SYNDROME POST-POLIO, can freely exercise the fundamental rights which includes the Spanish Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and any future Bill of Rights which protects people with disabilities and improve quality of life.

The Association is non-profit, their offices are exercised free of charge, does not receive subsidies and develops its work with absolute political and economic independence.