Mar 15, 2012

Pakistan: War against polio seen as national obligation.

ISLAMABAD: Political rivals in parliament have joined hands to fight the crippling disease of polio that has attacked over 200 children in the country over the past couple of years.

At a news conference at the National Press Club here on Monday, MNAs and senators belonging to the PPP, PML-N, MQM, ANP, JUI-F and PML-Q said that fighting polio had become “a national obligation” because 60 per cent of the polio cases reported in the world last year had occurred in Pakistan.

They regretted that 198 polio cases had been reported in the four provinces and Fata last year alone and the world was rightly worried that Pakistan might export the virus. No case was reported in India last year. Pakistan is among four countries in the world with prevalence of polio.

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