Mar 21, 2012

Polio virus in Pakistan: WHO warns of travel ban.

ISLAMABAD, March 20: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned Pakistan that if the polio virus was not contained, it could face serious consequences such as travel and visa restrictions and sanctions imposed by countries across the world.
Dr Bruce Aylward, Assistant Director-General of Polio, Emergencies and Country Collaboration, WHO, told Dawn after a press conference organised by country office of WHO that lately the global community had been expressing its anxiety over the widespread prevalence of the virus in Pakistan.

“Why would countries that have invested millions of dollars for the eradication of polio tolerate any possibility of the virus traveling from Pakistan to their country,” the key global official of the WHO rationalised, and elaborated: “Some countries in their individual capacities want to impose travel restrictions that are not in the benefit of Pakistan and must be avoided. It must be clarified that WHO is not a party to any of those plans.”

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