May 4, 2012

Don’t Give Ground On Immunizations.

It is a bitter pill to swallow to think that so much of the good accomplished through childhood immunizations could hang in the balance and be just a generation or two away from disappearing.

The push for vaccination, especially of school-age children, has helped eradicate some diseases. Other childhood killers have been all but nullified through the miracle of medicine.

It was a matter of a few generations ago that polio was a worldwide epidemic. Since the 1840s, the virus had claimed thousands of lives and left thousands of other sufferers wheelchair bound or confined to machines to help them breathe.

Through immunization of school children, poliomyelitis is almost unheard of in the Western Hemisphere since the late 1970s. Those who receive a vaccine against the disease have a 90 percent less risk of contracting the illness, which is why it is still a required immunization for children.

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